Wage & Salary Survey Software: PublicPersonnel’s Wage & Salary Survey Application was designed to facilitate the collection, analysis and presentation of wage and salary information used by Personnel Directors, Elected Boards, and Commissions when making and approving compensation recommendations. Basic information is entered using the System Administration screens. Staff is then able to create questionnaires, solicit responses on-line, analyze the data collected and print comprehensive reports.

We use a simple drop-down menu selection format to assign staff, select participating agencies, choose benchmark classes, and add non-salary compensation categories to surveys. Participating agencies are sent e-mail instructions and passwords and then they fill out their forms On-Line

Our comprehensive "Board Ready" reporting feature includes a cover sheet, lists of participating agencies, participating staff, benchmark classes and non-salary compensation categories included in each survey.

The application also includes a five-survey trend analysis chart generator that allows you to anticipate future trends and prepare for them. A full historical record of each survey is also maintained by the application.

Whether you report to a lay board or a Personnel Commission the easy to understand charts and reports will greatly enhance your presentation of salary and non-salary allocation recommendations.

You won't find a faster, more comprehensive or easier way to conduct a salary survey than Publicpersonnel's Wage & Salary Survey Application.

Features include: