Product Overview

PublicPersonnel’s Salary Survey Program was designed to facilitate the collection, analysis and presentation of wage and salary information used by Personnel Directors, Elected Boards, and Commissions when making and approving compensation recommendations. Basic information is entered using the System Administration screens. Thereafter, a variety of selection formats are used to promote the uniform collection and reporting of data.

The program is divided into four sections. In the System Administration area the System Administrator will define "home agency" values such as your agency name, address and contact information, the staff available to work on the surveys, and information about the classes you include in your surveys. You can also enter the name, address and contact information for the Respondents that will be participating in your surveys and define the non-salary compensation questions that you asking on your survey Questionnaires.

Once you have entered the required system data, you are ready to create a survey. After you create a unique name for your survey, you will be asked to assign staff to work on the survey. Using the “search and select” format, you can select the Respondents you will be contacting in your survey and you can choose the benchmark classes and non-salary compensation questions to include in your survey. Survey Questionnaires are quickly configured using the previously entered data. Respondents are notified and provided a unique and secure password that provides them on-line access to their Survey Questionnaires. You can monitor the each Respondents’ survey questionnaires from the Manage Survey Section.

Once you have collected all the data for your survey, you are ready to generate reports. Special reports are available to analyze the Salary data and Non-Salary Compensation that was reported to help ensure that the data is accurate. You’ll never have to struggle with checking and rechecking the math again.

A complete survey report is produced with one click. And you can choose your point of salary comparison to assist you in making sound wage and salary decisions. The Benchmark Salary information and Non-Salary Compensation can be reported by class or by Respondent. You can also choose to include a cover sheet for your report, as well as, a list of Respondents, a list of the classes surveyed, the type(s) of non-salary compensation collected and a list of staff that worked on the survey.

If you have collected salary data for a class in previous surveys, you can report the results using the salary trends reporting function. The program stores the data collected during each survey and can combine the data from several surveys into a single report. Identifying salary trends over time is essential to the development of sound salary allocation recommendations.